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About Us

Azad Properties is an asset and property management company based in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Founded in 2017, Azad specializes in real estate activities and projects including retail, workshops and other commercial properties.


AWJ Holding Company (AHC) was established in 2016 in Riyadh to institutionalize real estate investment activities of the family spanning over 4 decades.

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to be the most dynamic asset & property management organization by introducing sustainable projects & opportunities, In line with Saudi Vision 2030 transformation that will lead to maximizing shareholder value.


Through our vast experience in the property and asset management field, armed with streamlined operational excellence, agility in systems, performance management, our aim is be enablers of growth and opportunities by providing a full range of innovative real estate services through our best-in-class eco system that will result in maximizing value for our stakeholders.

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Our core values tie us together and keep us grounded.

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We look towards the future with an optimistic approach, where many possibilities are waiting to become a reality.

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Delivering our promises is one of the foundations behind us, we stay committed to our projects and your future plans.

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Guided by our passion, we convert the bigger plans into reality.

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Through close-collaboration, cooperation and partnering, we help you achieve your goal.

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Our culture promotes honesty in our words and transparency in our actions.