Azad Properties

Great place to work

AZAD is a Great Place to Work for


The Great Place to Work® organization announced Azad Real Estate Company as one of the certified 100 Best Companies to Work for in KSA for the period December 2021 – December 2022.

This is Azad’s first year to be recognized for this prestigious award in the category of small and medium enterprises among (30) entities from both public and private sectors based on unified global standards and methodology of The Great Place to Work® organization.

We pride ourselves on creating and sustaining a culture that drives innovation and business success.

It’s all about the culture!


The work environment is vital in determining how efficient work is. And thus, we at Azad invest time and effort to build a progressive work environment that always makes sure to impact our people and help them reach their full capabilities and self-development by creating a solid culture.
A culture that attracts talents, promotes career empowerment, healthiness, and happiness, and increases the satisfaction level of our employees, where we adopt the values of transparency, equal opportunities, and motivation to contribute to the decision-making process by encouraging them to be ambitious, share ideas, and make suggestions.

Our culture puts the well-being of our employees at the forefront of its priorities, with an approach that creates an integrated professional experience, in which we don’t only focus on the performance. Still, we create experiences that boost creativity, resilience, work-life balance, competitiveness, and team spirit, through well-established policies and procedures that inspire our employees with a clear vision to upskill themselves and fulfill their dreams.

We believe the values of appreciation and recognition are what make Azad the best place to work for, as we constantly reinforce our commitment to our employees by applying quality standards throughout all internal or external communications and operations such as being an (ISO9001:2015) certified.


We wouldn’t reached such a success without our dear employees!