In the heart of the old city, a landmark that stands tall as one of the first commercial centers in Jeddah, The Corniche Center is a well-liked center for shoppers, especially the visitors to the historic area; known to be the end-destination for all perfumes, cosmetics and beauty products, accessories and watch stores as well as fashion and textile shops plus few ethnic restaurants.

An eleven-story building with multiple parking areas inside and outside the center plus a shopping area and offices (operates mostly as wholesale outlets). On the other side of the outdoors parking is Corniche Markets that also contains shops and offices on the second floor.


  • Jeddah City
  • Located in the old town (Al Balad District) in front of the bus station, and nearby the famous NCB head office tower and also very close to Jeddah Islamic Port.
  • The center is accessible from Hail Street and the highway from/to Makkah (Al Andalus Road).

Property design

  • 11 floors
  • High number of parking bays compared to the other surrounding centers
  • Commercial and offices buildings
  • Consists of two commercial buildings, one of which is called the Corniche Market that contains shops and offices on the second floor.

Leasing Information

  • Land area: 28,880 Sqm
  • Corniche Commercial Center: 37,185 Sqm
  • Estimated visits per day: more than 5 thousand
  • Total units: 765 unit
  • Total car parking: 1075