In the past, Souq 7 area was known as “Prince Miteb’s Markets”, which is a diversified mix of retail stores and services and an address for those looking for value deals, as it added a high economic value to the area. Now the entire market 7 is being renovated and developed with its area of 728,000 square meters, and the market contains 7 main areas that provide a diverse, enjoyable, easy and safe shopping experience.

Location Advantages

  • Jeddah City
  • A Strategic location in the highly populated Al Jamea district of southern Jeddah, benefiting from direct links to Harmain Road - one of Jeddah’s main vehicular arteries -and Abdullah Alsulaiman street where both provide easy access to Souq 7.
  • In addition, Souq 7 is also conveniently located near some landmark entities such as king Abdulaziz University, Effat University, Dar Alhekma university and the train station.
  • Over half a million people live within a 10-minute drive from Souq 7.

Property Design

A modern infrastructure with all services implemented according to world-class standards to guarantee the quality of all operations, which will enable tenants to meet the needs of visitors to the fullest. The central area in the shopping and entertainment zone will host many events for the visitors throughout the year.

  • Building: 108 blocks
  • Stores: 4 thousand stores.
  • Souq7 will be the one of the top destinations in the country that offer huge varieties of shopping and entertainment in one location. This will be accomplished through the seven zones:
    1. Food Zone
    2. Family & Entertainment Zone
    3. Home Zone
    4. Electronics Zone
    5. Building Materials Zone
    6. Automotive Zone
    7. Multi use Zone

Leasing Information

  • Land area: 728,000 sqm
  • Leasable Area: 424,000 sqm
  • Parking: 7,3744
  • Handicap Parking: 440
  • Surveillance Cameras: more than 4000
  • Mosque: 6
  • Buildings: 114
  • Cinemas: 12