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Saudi Vision 2030

Azad Properties

Proudly Contributing to the Saudi Vision 2030.

With holistic dreams and strategies, the heart of Azad Properties lies in designing exclusive properties that, just like the Saudi Vision 2030, symbolizes progression, connectivity and sustainability. We aspire to participate in this vision by utilizing its expertise to their core.


Saudi Arabia’s real estate development sector is evolving, which is critical to achieve an economy that will rise under the Vision 2030.


Keeping in mind the Saudi Vision 2030, we intend to bring about real development of properties in Saudi Arabia by introducing innovative solutions in the real estate sector. We plan on accelerating our participation in the business and entertainment sectors to improve the quality of facilities that are currently available to the Saudi public.

Azad Properties

Moving Forward towards a Sustainable Future

Saudi Vision 2030 is dedicated to developing a new flourishing ecosystem that boosts participation in cultural, environmental and sports activities, and we have joined hands to carry this vision forward.


The recent attempts of development and modernization in the Kingdom have placed great responsibility on real estate companies to ensure strategic capitalization of property reserves to maximize profitability while also improving the quality of life.


We are working tirelessly to transform the living conditions of our cities by implementing international standards to create a business environment that promotes long-term investments and sustainability.